Monday, September 3, 2007

Boomerangs that stay in the air for minutes: High-tech!

Here's a selection of the carbon composite MTAs (Maximum Tima Aloft) I've made in the past 6 years.
One of the twobladers has been thrown by Arnaud Tribillon (F), to set a new world record in MTA unlimited - The boomerang stayed in the air for 3min 10sec!
But the development still goes on. In 2006 I was the first boomerang designer who created an equal winged 3 bladed boomerang that easily flies 25sec or more. Other than the twobladed MTA boomerang, the triblader is very easy to catch.
In competitions, these models are THE boomerangs to use nowadays for the MTA event. The twobladers with flight times of 35+sec especially in calm wind conditions, the tribladers to assure 25-30sec in medium to strong wind conditions. Overall, I've been making over 500 of these boomerangs during the past 6 years.