Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bordeaux: Another valid return at 200+ m!

Bordeaux: Another valid return at 200+ m!
It's the best start into a LD season since 1999, when I last had two >200m scores in two consecutive competitions. It has happened again: After a 203m in Kloten in April, I scored 201m in Bordeaux. Some throws were spotted at 250-270m, but they missed the return by more than 50m. A 220m throw missed the gate by only 1m. So I still believe I can break the 250m barrier.
Have a look how I throw at the images above (composed from two different sections). There's no secret. One differende is that my feet stay on the ground at almost every time. Compare with the preparation of Antoine Hernandez (France, 147 m):

And Uwe Kitzberger (GER, 149 m). He threw my 203m Boomerang of Kloten at this section of images.

More to come soon!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My start into the season 2008: Indoor at Besançon

Besac'door 2008

It has become a tradition: For the 5th time in Besançon there was in indoor competition. Events were: Accuracy100, Fast Catch, Endurance 3min, Trick Catch50 and MTA.
Range was 14m, Bullseye with 0.8m radius.

-Allthough only 11 throwers took part, I was able to set some personal bests:
91p in Accuracy, 13.68 s in Fast Catch, 56 catches (1 drop) in Endurance and 13.19sec in MTA.

-To throw indoor is an excellent practise for the transitions in Fast Catch/Endurance: You win
these events rather with transitions under 1 sec than with low flighttimes: It's hard to reduce 2sec to 1.5sec flighttime per throw. But with a transition of 0.8 instead of 1.3sec you have the same effect. And in MTA I have a big advatage with my backhand throw using a balsa triblader.

-Accuracy is special too: Since the hall was only ca 8m high, a 100% return was hard to achieve! The flightpath has to be very flat. Additionally, your boomerang will slide on the ground after a bad landing. Some throwers took advantage of that and tried to have the first ground contact at ca 6m in front! Like a curling rock, the boomerang slided more or less into the precision points. My tactic was rather a soft landing at the 8points just in front of me without much sliding.

Here's a selection of my indoor boomerang bag:

MTA, 1.5mm Balsa Accuracy, 4mm plywood Fast Catch, Carlota, 4mm PP
3 pces glued together cambered edges! 3.8mm PP strongly cambered!
Slightly cambered

A boomerang puzzle to benefit the swiss team at the WBC 2008 in Seattle!

The first real boomerang puzzle ever: A swiss flag composed of 7 boomerangs, all made of 3mm birch plywood by Manuel Schütz. Size = 40 cm x 40 cm This puzzle is available on Ted Baileys Auction till 2nd of May 2008 (Item 113, unusual shaped boomerangs). It shall benefit the Swiss national Team "Scandal" at the next boomerang world cup in Seattle, August 2008.

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